Be Spirits is an event within an event. This area dedicated to spirits is located right at the heart of the show. For the first time, Vinexpo is bringing together the spirits and mixology sectors in an innovative 360° concept, with its own identity and setting. The Infinite Bar will be the hub of the area: 24 mixologists coming from the most prestigious bars and hotels in Paris will put the art of cocktail in the spotlight. 

The event welcomes professionals from across the industry: importers, distributors, major buyers, specialist media, bloggers, specifiers, major e-commerce brands such as Alibaba, travel retail, restaurant chains, duty free, etc.

You will have the chance to discover new spirits and complete your offer; to ride the trend of premium & craft and develop your expertise with our masterclasses and conferences; to meet Europe’s greatest mixologists and to try stunning cocktails on the Infinite Bar.

Be Spirits is a unique experience – don’t miss out!

They will exhibit at Be Spirits


Imagine a bar the length of an Olympic-sized swimming pool… Along a 40-metre stretch, 20 bars will be showcasing craft brands and mixology, making this unmissable space the hub of Be Spirits!

A meeting place for bartenders and brands, this area will faithfully reproduce the world of bars: each section of the bar will be sponsored by a Parisian hotel or bar and hosted by their mixologist. This is an opportunity for famous and growing brands alike to showcase their products and promote them in an exceptional setting. It also promises a unique experience for visitors! The Infinite Bar will promote interaction between the diverse actors in the sector.

A map will show the Parisian locations of the bars. The immersive daytime experience at the show will continue into the evening at these bars in central Paris. Strongly anchored in its local territory, the Infinite Bar will be a showcase for current and future trends in the world of spirits. This breakthrough concept aims to illustrate new consumption trends and patterns by providing a platform for current and future industry players.



Alexandre Vingtier
Internationally renowned expert in spirits

Christopher Gaglione
Bar manager at the Solera bar in Paris

Mido Yahi
Barman and owner of Café Moderne in Paris, winner of the World Class Competition in France in 2014

Be Mixology

Conference 1: Market trends and key issues

Debate on the current and future key trends of the global spirits market.

Speaker: Alexandre Vingtier, internationally renowned expert in spirits, in partnership with IWSR.

Conference 2: No/Low trend

Real long-term trend or niche market, how can the reasons of no/low alcohol success be explained?

Speakers: Artonic, French Cognac brand / Dan Gasper, founder of Distill Ventures investment fund and international consultant.

Conference 3: Consumer experience

How bars dive – and make us dive – into a unique consumption experience based on cocktails and fooding?

Speakers: Christopher Gaglione, managing chief-barman at the Solera bar in Paris / Martin Jakobsen, a Danish glass designer / Laurent Mallet, marketing director of the glass manufacturer Saverglass.

Conference 4: The bar identity

Cocktail bars are multiplying and the bar identity has become crucial. How do brands stand out and how far should the notion of identity be applied?

Speakers: Agency Be Dandy, specialized in strategy and design for luxury and corporate brands / Mido Yahi, barman and owner of Café Moderne in Paris, winner of the World Class Competition in France in 2014.

Marlene Staiger & Camille Hedin
Founders of H.Theoria, french liquor brand

Mathieu Sabbagh
President at Alambic Bourguignon

Nicolas Julhès
Expert in whisky and founder of the Distillery of Paris

Be Brand

Conference 1: The revival of old alcohols

Why did we forget these ancient alcohols and how do they get to return to the front of the cocktail scene?

Speakers: Marlene Staiger & Camille Hedin, founders of H.Theoria, french liquor brand / Jean-Pierre Cointreau, owner of the family group Vedrenne, composed of French distilleries and liquor brands.

Conference 2: Craft and commitment

Environmental issues have an impact on the spirits industry. They are key to brands who aim to last. What are the commitments of spirits brands to the environment?

Speakers: Paul Bungener, ambassador of Fair, a brand specialized in equitable trade / Domaine des Hautes Glaces, French organic whisky bio / Stauning, a Danish spirits brand.

Conference 3: From distillery to customized products

France has a long distillation tradition, the number of distilleries keeps growing, and the creation of a brand seems easy today. How far are customized products involved in the development of spirits brands?

Speakers: Mathieu Sabbagh, President at Alambic Bourguignon / Nicolas Julhès, expert in whisky and founder of the Distillery of Paris


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